Sunday, 27 August 2017

After Cameron

Just got home from Cameron and scored some extremely fresh and lovely veggies. We've had some (pricey!) food in Cameron Highlands and we were craving for some comfort home cooked food! 

Since the baby boy was happily playing with his Grandparents, I had some extra time to spare to whip some Reese's Cookie Dough Dunkers up too! 

These are called dunkers because its the perfect size for dunking into a cold (or warm!) glass of milk. I switched chocolate chips with Reese's Buttercup chips and it was equally sensational. Because it spreads and my oven was small, I baked it in 2 batches. 
Recipe from Cookies & Cups. 
TIP: You can actually buy 2 bags, 1 chocolate chips and another bag of Reese's so, you can have 2 flavours and more cookies!

I've always known the basics of cooking salted egg but i didn't have the confidence of actually cooking it. Since, my family loves anything salted egg (who doesn't?!) and I saw my trusty cooking companion site teaching it, I decided to give it a try! It was as easy as I expected it to be!
Recipe from Cooking Club Co. 

After baking and cooking, I got a little tired because I actually planned on making a Pavlova from all the strawberries we had at home, so, I took a shortcut and used a prepacked Lee Kum Kee sauce for this dish! Made this in 3 easy steps! 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Food For The Depressed Soul

I've been depressed (I did not self diagnosed but I've been feeling extreme bouts of sadness to the point I kept crying and feeling suicidal) Well, 4 years plus of absorbing student's negative emotions and with no release valve, is really able to affect one's feelings. 

I realised that I haven't been baking for 2 years plus and I've always LOVED baking. In fact, I'm more of a baker than a cook. Then, in my state of hunger and I haven't eaten in a week or so, I suddenly started craving Rendang! 

And you know how difficult it is to get rendang when it's not Hari raya? After a quick Google, rendang is surprisingly easy to make! I'm a noob cook and if I can make delicious rendang, so, can you! I got all my bahan2 at the SS2 market. 


I used this recipe from Cooking Club Co. and its super easy, peasy and mind blowingly yummy! (I still kept the rendang to make pasta! IT IS THAT GOOD!) Do check their page out for the video


I'm not a huge fan of soups but since #johnellejr LOVES soups (easpecially carrots!) I normally cook my ABC soup for him and wtch him gobble his food up! I put 1 potato cause he doesn't really like potatoes and 3 carrots cause he loves it! and I boiled it with 5 tomatoes, 2 yellow onions, 1 chicken carcass and 300grams of roasted pork bones. The soup was so sweet and I don't even have to put any salt! 

 Mixed Berries Sheet Cake

I got this recipe from Martha Stewart and it's really yummy! The fruits were tangy, sweet and sour, the cake just balances everything off! Do give it a try! 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Owls Cafe

This is Rebecca; Waffle served with strawberries & blueberries, topped with Earl Grey home made ice cream blended with Almond flakes and Maple Syrup. (RM18)

This pretty waffle with real edible flowers is The Queen; Assorted flavours of home made ice cream with the unique flavour of macaron. (RM23)

This is my yummy David waffle; Generous amount of bananas, home made Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cream and chocolate sauce.  (RM18)

* Loved the pretty waffles in the shape of a flower. 
* Yummy waffles, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
* Unique flavours like Earl Grey flavoured ice cream.
* The waffles are served really pretty with edible flowers and macarons. 
* Very filing and satisfying.

* Very cramped environment and its mostly packed. 
* Could use more variety. 
* A bit on the pricey side. 

FACEBOOK: Their FB page is pretty comprehensive and you can download a copy of their menu there. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Creamy Chicken, bacon and basil pasta

I got this RECIPE OFF BBC and I just want to say that, if you can't cook (Like me!) and you want to impress your Hubby, cook this! 

We loved pastas and our favourite places are Dave's (RM30++ a plate) D'Italian Kitchen (RM30++/plate) and imagine both of us eating out, the bill comes up to RM80+ (10% service charge and 6% GST)

It wasn't good in the long run, and we tried and tested EVERY SINGLE SHITTY CARBONARA sauces on the shelf. You name it, we tried it. Every bottle/can, something was off. It was all horrible and sauces producers should stop producing creamy carbonara sauces and stick to regular tomato based sauces.

I tried the recipe and since I'm pregnant, I eat more fish (Salmon) and thank God, my office is really close to a frozen food factory that sells smoked salmon for about RM10/pack. 

I would substitute the chicken for smoked salmon and my husband already think that I'm a best cook! He used to complain about, how I don't know how to cook, well, now, no more. In fact, he wants me to make this at least once a week!

Do give this recipe a try. My family liked it better with smoked salmon than chicken. It's fast, fool proof, easy and most importantly, super, duper yummy!!! 

Family That Cooks Together, Stays Together

Decided to make samosas cause, a box of 6 pieces costs about RM20 at the Iranian shops/restaurants and it doesn't include the 6% GST. Things are getting really expensive in this God forsaken country!

Well, on the positive side, we started cooking more and I learnt how to cook better. Have to say that Hubby is extremely pleased. We decided to make samosas cause it's one of my fav foods!!

He made the filling and we both stuffed the popiah skins. Turns out really well!! I can't share the recipe because when the Hubby cooks, he just pours stuff and mix them all up. All I know is he used minced chicken, potatoes and God knows what else, probably spices. 

Monday, 22 June 2015


I'm very impressed at myself for being able to bake and fulfil all my cravings. Was also craving churros. You know, the crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside kinda churros. Since I'm in Malaysia, there's not many choices of churros. 

Got this recipe cause of the title; A Churro Recipe To Die For. Really worth a try. Churros are super simply to make. If I can do it, Pretty sure, you could too!

Mini Cinnamon Rolls. Recipe by Under Lock & Key

Been having many, many crazy and untimely cravings since I got pregnant. One of them was Cinnamon Rolls. 

I've been following Under Lock & Key and I love, love, love her simple and fast recipes. 

One of the recipes was, for her Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Turned out well, and I had some of the filling left and sprinkled it on the rolls. Was absolutely yummy and satisfied my cravings. 

Didn't wanna buy Cinnabon (Cinnamon roll brand here in Malaysia) cause of GST. A small mini roll could go up to RM5. Since I had all the ingredients, might as well make my own. :)